Course Definition

In general, we start with a trial class, which is completely free of charge. In this first class, we will get to know each other and mutually assess the actual level of knowledge, determine the objective of the course and how to achieve it. The group/ the student decide/s whether to base the course on a book or not.

I use all available technical support for my classes. We may for example watch short films on YouTube and work with podcasts and links as well as books, of course. All classes are arranged individually according to the student's/ the group's needs in order to achieve the best possible results. If desired by the group/the student, the classes can be advanced or rather intensified. This offer is also available as an e-learning module. On virtual platforms, without additional costs.

In-Company Teaching

Your company is the classroom. Enable your employees to receive an efficient training on the spot.
I will visit your company, evaluate the students, divide them up into groups and teach them according to your guidelines.

Translations / Interpreting

I translate your commercial correspondence (English/German-German/English), both individual and continuing commissions.

If desired and at additional charge your documents can be certified and stamped by a sworn, officially-recognized translator.

Do you need an interpreter for a corporate or private event?

On the spot or conference circuit. When requesting a nonbinding offer, please indicate topic and location.

I have been working with Ms Isabel Frey (M.A. Conference Interpreting, B.A. Translation Studies) since 2006, a long-standing cooperation that has enabled us to successfully complete larger orders together.

Isabel Frey

Job interviews

You are looking for a professional candidate who meets your requirements in the English language and realize that EVERYBODY seems to be using the term "fluent in English"?
And now you would like to know what this acctually means.

I will test your applicants to find out if they meet your requirements.

You want to apply for a job in English? But you don't know how? You have a job interview in English?

Package deal for companies

Based on my long-standing cooperation with different companies I have created an offer that addresses the needs of small and medium-sized companies that deals with shortcomings in the English language.

It is not only necessary to train employees, but also managers need to be trained very specifically as special presentation skills are expected from them. Nowadays, linguistic problems should not stand in the way of providing your foreign employees/ customers with a guided tour.
Employees as well as managers should be able to put together a professional presentation. Dealing with the peculiarities of the English language, like difficulties caused by sayings or the need to small talk for example, should not play any part. Presentation and appearance skills for international meetings are a vital part of the training, as well as job interviews as all candidates like to describe themselves as being "fluent in English".

I will accompany, lead and advise you to ensure that the English-speaking world sees and respects your product as what it is. I am happy to offer the revision of your website in cooperation with officially-recognized translators so that your company can avail of the linguistic representation that meets the expectations of your business partners.

e-learning/Blended learning

Learn English online!

Blended learning
Blended learning is a mix between learning f2f and e-learning, which means that you the first lesson will take place in your premise or mine, which will constitute the basis and serve as an introduction for further training (e.g. if you wish to receive every second lesson online). Yet, the sequence is yours to decide.

As always take a free trail first to find out if this suits your requirements.


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